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Get a holistic view of your spend data and enable your business to make confident, data-driven decisions.

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A single view of your travel spend data

Cytric Insights is an advanced analytics platform that enables you to turn travel and expense data into actionable insights and travel management reporting. Visualize your entire travel spend in one place and use fully customizable dashboards to get the insights you need to negotiate with confidence, improve traveler servicing, and maximize the return on your corporate travel investment.


See what you’re really spending

Cytric Insights consolidates your expense and booking data from online and offline sources. With complete, accurate data on a single platform, you can track your entire travel spend and control costs down to the individual booking level.

Get instant data for smart spend decisions

Teams can hit the ground running with over 40 ready-to-use dashboards covering leakage, recoverable VAT, C02 emissions, and more. Pull up cost breakdowns by supplier, team, location, or mode of transport, and start finding opportunities to optimize spend in seconds.

Customize dashboards to your needs

Create custom dashboards from over 400 metrics and dimensions. Whether you want to save costs, improve supplier negotiations, or spot out-of-policy bookings, Cytric Insights lets you drill down on the data that matters and get insights to make informed business decisions.

Deliver insightful reporting

Export your data and dashboards into presentations and create clear, compelling reports in seconds and share insights with ease. Help senior executives, budget owners, and stakeholders across your organization understand the story behind the KPIs.

Get insights for reducing CO2 emissions

Cytric's CO2 compensation reports give you visibility on the total cost of offsetting carbon emissions to reduce your carbon footprint. With detailed CO2 data for flight or rail routes, you get the information you need to guide travelers to make more sustainable travel choices. It’s time to move to zero-emission mobility and make travel more sustainable.

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The only travel and expense system your business needs

Cytric’s end-to-end corporate travel solution helps you create an automated, streamlined, and flexible travel program that empowers you to achieve your travel and expense goals while giving employees the experience and tools they demand.


A global partner for your corporate travel strategy

Cytric provides the geographical footprint, scalability, support, and security to serve your global operations.

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