Travel Technology Investment Trends 2024: Corporations

Today’s business world is increasingly defined by the interplay between technological innovation, growing ESG requirements, an increasingly mobile workforce and evolving traveler demands.

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How can you best harness what technology can offer?

Discover how corporate decision-makers are adapting travel tech investments to align travel programs with business objectives to meet the demands of the tech-driven, eco-conscious world.

Key findings include:

The majority of decision-makers are planning to invest more in travel and expense management technology in the next 12 months.

74% of senior decision-makers expect to increase their budget for business travel.

Respondents agreed that improving travel and expense processes are a focus for investment.

Benchmark your own plans against corporate travel investment drivers, challenges and ambitions for the year ahead.


  • Short- and long-term objectives driving ambitious travel and expense technology investment plans
  • Key capabilities corporations are focused on implementing in the next 12 months
  • Which technologies are expected to make the greatest impact


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Explore the interactive infographic and read the digital report to discover the top corporate travel technology investment trends for corporations.

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Read our digital report to discover the key travel technology investment trends for 2024.

Travel Technology Investment Trends 2024

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